A Good Move Based on a Feeling

I feel that I’m a lucky person, because I can always make decisions that turn out in my favor. One of my most recent decisions was to move into a new apartment building that I found at www.themarqhighlandpark.com. I had grown attached to my old apartment and was a little reluctant to leave, but something inside of me told me that it was best for me to look for a new place to live. I was right to go with that gut feeling, because after I moved out of my apartment, the building caught on fire, leaving many other people without a place to live.

The apartment that I moved into had everything that a person could want, and more. The look of the apartments are nice, but what really is great to me is the game room. The room has different game tables, such as a billiards table, and even an area for shuffle board. I’ve learned how to play pool since moving in and on Friday nights, a few of the residents get together to play a couple of games for money. It’s better than playing cards for money, which I almost always lose when playing.

I’ve also started going to the gym when I moved into the apartment. I barely did any exercising at my old apartment because there was no gym area. The only place I would have been able to exercise was in my living room, and there really wasn’t enough space in there for the kind of exercises that I wanted to do. I really didn’t want to buy an expensive weight set and have it stacked against the walls. The gym has this, along with machines, and areas for doing yoga, pilates, and other low impact exercises. You can even watch television while working out.