A Moving Company I Can Rely on

It seems like whenever someone wants to move, they can’t rely on their friends to help them. I had to move from my apartment to my new house, but everyone I asked for help told me that they were busy that day, which was on a weekend. I didn’t even ask them at the last minute. I asked my friends weeks in advance, and they still couldn’t help me. My only options were trying to do the whole moving task myself, which would have been a massive pain, or using a Singapore movers service to do most of the heavy lifting and transport.

I looked at some reviews to find out which moving service would give me the best results. I could have probably just gone with any moving service and they would have transported all of my items, but I wanted to make sure that they did it with care. I’ve seen too many horror stories about moving companies mishandling people’s items when they move. One family was left with all of their furniture scratched up and damaged. Another family was missing half of their items, because the moving company had left the moving truck open while it was driving, causing the items to fall into the street. One man thought his cat was missing, only to find out that the moving company had lodged it behind some furniture during the move.

I found a company that had pretty reasonable reviews and gave them a call to schedule a moving date. On the day of the move, I had everything packed and ready to go. I got a phone call on my cell phone from one of my friends, telling me that his plans were cancelled and he would be able to help me move after all. I told him that I didn’t need his help anymore, because I hired the moving company. Throughout the day, I kept getting more phone calls from my friends with similar messages.