Easier Creation by Using CAD

Trying to do some things by hand can be a bit difficult and time consuming. I tried to make a drawing of a device that I wanted to build, but I wasn’t doing a good job. I kept making mistakes and had to erase nearly every 10 seconds. I decided that it was time to move on to something a bit easier. Some of my friends had been using a program to make CAD files on their computer. These files contain information in the form of a model when they are created. The program that generates these files can make designs easily without the same faults that pencil and paper have.

I downloaded the program that my friends were using and looked at the tutorial for how to use it. It seemed simple enough, and in 10 minutes, I was able to accomplish what was taking me hours with pencil and paper to do. Anytime I made a mistake in the program, all I had to do was click on the undo button and the mistake would be instantly erased. Things were much easier to visualize, and there was even a template to help me along the way.

Since I was done with my design, I started making some more based on things that I had been meaning on drawing but never got around to doing. There was this crazy book shelf design that had been floating around in my head for days, but pencil and paper just wouldn’t do it justice. The book shelf isn’t like a traditional book shelf that sits like a tower. This book shelf is more of a slanted design that leans to the right, but it can also shift to lean to the left. You can even slide the different levels of the shelf in opposite directions to make an alternating pattern.