Getting Gold for the Heroes

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and on the plane and in the airport, I’ve been playing Idle Heroes while waiting to get to my destination. It’s a fun little game that helps me pass the time. In the game you need to use gold, but getting it isn’t always easy. I generally don’t cheat in games because I want to do everything on my own without help, but the idea of having Idle Heroes cheats to get more gold did sound appealing to me. I searched online to find some good cheats that would give me more gold in the game.

I found some sites that advertise free gold for players, but I wasn’t sure if they worked or not. Back when I was a kid, if people wanted video game cheats, they could just buy a video game magazine and look in the back of the book for cheats for certain games, and there was no harm if the cheats didn’t actually work. Now that everything is online, it’s a little different, and some people try to take advantage of players who are looking for simple cheats. It’s a good thing that everything being online made it possible for people to easily provide feedback about things they’ve seen and tried, like video game cheats.

Out of the sites that were offering gold cheats for Idle Heroes, one had unanimously positive feedback, so I used that one, and it worked. I have an endless supply of gold and I can use it to get various things in the game. My heroes can get through lots of quests in the game because I don’t have to worry about getting gold now and can focus on making my heroes into stronger characters and advancing through the tough parts of the game.