How to Protect a Hunting Rifle in the Field

I use my favorite rifle on most of my hunting trips. I take care of it in the field. When I have friends over and we start talking guns, my old rifle usually comes out of the safe and is part of the topic of conversation. The guys can hardly believe it is the gun I take with me on just about every hunting trip because the stock, barrel and fore grip are all in great shape. There are not a bunch of scratches and dings. That is because I always use rifle stock covers. They take the hits and scrapes from trees and other things while I’m out hunting. The wood keeps looking brand new. The covers do such a great job, I have my friends now ordering them for their guns at the same manufacturer I get mine from.

Neoprene is a tough material, and it is soft. It also has a cushiony layer to help protect your guns from impacts as well as scratches. The rifle stock covers I buy are made of neoprene. I have been on some tough hunts where I have ruined a cover due to miles and miles and days and days of thick thorny brush and trees. However, my rifle still keeps on looking great. The covers are designed to take the abuse that your rifle would otherwise get if it was not covered. They are an inexpensive armor for fine rifles used for hunting. They look good, and you can get them in popular camo brands to match your hunting camouflage.

I have different rifle stock covers for different hunting occasions with the same gun. I use different camo patterns depending on the season and where I am hunting. I have covers that are appropriate for all of the places and times of year when I hunt.