I Am Glad I Did Not Renew My Former Apartment

I went to see a good friend at her new apartment at The Encore apartment complex, and I fell in love with everything there. Granted, I am the type of person who falls in love with the newest fall fashion lines or a good piece of pizza, but this apartment complex really was special. When she told me that there were vacancies, I got so excited. I had never imagined that I would find myself living at one of the luxury apartments in Atlanta, but that is exactly what had happened.

She gave me a tour of the apartment complex, and I am not sure who was more excited. She was learning about it for the first time too, and she had no idea that so many things were included with it. After the tour, she took me to the management office, and I filled out an application on the spot. I had told my friend that my lease was up at the end of the month, and I was so happy she had shown me her apartment before I renewed my lease for another year.

It did not take long to get the paperwork done, and I knew I would have no problem passing a credit check or any other kind of check that they wanted to run on me. I have a great job, so paying my rent was not going to be a problem. Living here was not going to be a problem either, and I was really looking forward to doing just that. I ended up getting an apartment that is just a few doors down from my friend, and the two of us have started working out together and even share a meal now and again. Not only is it great starting out again like this but it is even better doing it with a good friend so close by.