I Promised My Son an Apartment

I promised my son that if he was able to get good grades while in the first two years of college, I would help him look for one of the apartments in Colorado Springs CO. He wanted to live in one during freshman year, but students at his college weren’t allowed to live off campus during the first two years. It’s a funny rule, but I think the college put it in place so the students could bond and get a sense of community. They also probably put it there to keep a watchful eye on the students and to make sure that they wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Regardless of whether or not my son lived on campus, or if he moved into an apartment, I would still have to pay for his living arrangements, so at least with an apartment, there was a little more variety in pricing and buildings that he could live in. Although my son did have a part time job on campus at the library, it really wasn’t enough to pay for an apartment on his own. We had a discussion about whether it would be a good idea for him to move in with a roommate. I know what college students are like when they live with other people, so I was against the idea.

The more I thought about it, it really didn’t make a difference if my son lived with roommates or by himself. He could easily invite people to come over and they could spend as much time in his apartment as he allowed them to, which wouldn’t be far off from them living with him. Since I wanted to save on rent costs, I let my son move in with one of his friends, on the condition that they wouldn’t get drunk and have any wild parties.