I Want My Parents to Come Here to Live Closer So That We Can See Them Often

My parents have been retired for the past ten years, and my brother and I have been living pretty far away from both of my parents. They finally wanted to live closer to us, but they weren’t really sure about buying a big house. I told them about the apartments for rent in Summerlin in Las Vegas and I explained that they may really enjoy living in the planned community they have there because they have all sorts of things to do there. Next, invited my parents to fly out and we could go look at some of the places there together.

My parents showed up on Easter weekend, and we went out check out the apartments at Summerlin within just a few days of them arriving. There are all sorts of great events going on for people of all ages there. My parents were really impressed. They really like the apartments that we looked at. Everything there was really nice. We even stop by one of the Easter events that they have going on when we were there. Everybody was really nice and welcoming.

My mom and dad had a really great visit with me, and I took them all around the city to see lots of different things. They both really loved how many nice restaurants there are in Las Vegas. There are a lot more options here for different things to do here that they don’t have where they live. They think they are going to move here, and I hope they do. My husband and I would love to have them nearby all the time. I know that my two daughters would love it, too. They don’t get to spend a lot of time with my parents, and they often call my parents because they miss them so much.