I Wonder How Hard It is to Hack Snapchat

It was a strange story, and I did not really think that it was true. This girl I know had been involved with this girl and they had broken up. Then a bunch of weird things started to happen, like he was the greatest stalker ever. After a bit she got to asking people if you could hack a snapchat account, and apparently she believed that I was the person who would know. I do have some expertise in the computer science field, but I did not have a clue about this stuff. Still I started to ask to a few questions and after a bit I realized that hacking an account would be tough. In particular I know this guy and while he might be a pretty good plumber, there is not any chance at all that he knows how to hack anything in this entire world. So I asked her where she got the phone.

I had already guessed the answer at this. The ex boyfriend had bought the phone and given it to her. So as long as he owned the phone he was able to do pretty much whatever he wanted to do with it. I looked at the phone and tried to figure out what was going on. However it was a four year old Samsung Galaxy 5 with a cracked screen. So after a bit I just told her that it was a lot easier to get a new phone. I am guessing that you could take it back to the provider and they would give you one of those awesome new phones for almost nothing. At least they will give you a great deal so long as you have a plan where they get their money selling you unlimited minutes and all that other stuff.