I’m Starting a New Life in Another Country with My Husband

When I lived in the United States, I worked in the financial services department at a very well known company. I worried about whether or not I would be able to find the same sort of job when I moved to England with my husband. He told me that there are a lot of financial services recruitment agency in bristol and pointed out that I was worrying too much about things not working out. He reminded me that he was born and raised there and has lived just as happily there as he has in America. This put my mind to rest to some extent, but I also knew that I needed to move there, settle in and then see for myself how things would turn out for me.

I never had any thought of marrying someone who is from another country during my previous dating years. As someone who has spent most of my time in a small town, I really haven’t had many chances to meet people from other countries. As luck would have it, my soon-to-be husband came through my little town on a business trip. I was on my lunch break and stopped in at a local cafe. There was only one table to sit at, and the two of us ended up needing to share that table together. I was a little nervous eating at the same table with a stranger, but we had a great conversation together, and then he asked me out.

None of my past relationships have worked out really well. My husband is the first man that I have ever had a long term relationship with because he’s such a good person. I used to think that maybe I wouldn’t find anyone because I was being too picky or that I was wrong about people. However, when I met him and we got along so well from the beginning, I realized that I had just been dating the wrong people for too many years prior to meeting him.