It Was Either That or We Froze!

We bought ourselves a money pit. Not sure what that means? It means we were young and dumb and bought a house that we were sure that we could fix up in no time. Needless to say it needed a lot more work than we thought it was going to. We were way in over our heads. Our first month into it we realized that the heating unit was a goner. We were going crazy because winter had just started, so I started looking for HVAC services in Manhattan, NY.

Luckily there is a lot of options for these types of services in our area, as it’s a big city. The prices however, aren’t always so kind, especially to a new home owner that spent their very last dime on a house that will likely fall down around us. I had to think positively though, because if I kept thinking that we just made the biggest mistake of our lives buying this house I would never get out of this slump.

After finally deciding on a legitimate repair company, we settled down with them to talk about what kind of options we had. Luckily our home gave us some options. Our current heating unit was oil, I know, the worst possible thing to have with the rate of oil these days. They told us that they could easily convert it over to a natural gas heating system. That was music to our ears, because it’s far cheaper and heats so much better.

After installation we felt so much better. Our home was cozy and warm and I felt like this was a great step in the right direction for our new home. We might be in debt a little bit more due to having to purchase this new heating system, but it was the right choice and one day our home will be perfect, I have faith.