Living in the Best Part of Atlanta

If you can afford to do so, finding luxury apartments in Buckhead is the way to go if you want to live in Atlanta. The city is growing by leaps and bounds, but Buckhead remains one of the best parts of the city. It’s become somewhat famous due to several reality television shows highlighting some of the area’s well of residents. While I was looking for a place to live in the area, I actually met one of these women at a local store and I must say she was a delight to meet. Then again, most of the people who live here are great.

I chose to live in luxury accommodations in Buckhead because I run several very popular political websites and can essentially work from home. That also means I can afford to live in the area. The only reason I looked for an apartment complex is because I am not ready to settle down into a home. But that didn’t mean that I wanted to just live in any old place. What I wanted was an apartment unit that was tasteful and beautiful but also located near areas that I would spend a lot of time frequenting.

I’m happy to say I found the perfect place. It’s location, I think, is just one of its best selling points. There are so many places to spend time in around the complex that I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the area. If you can believe it, this place actually has a salt water swimming pool! I’d never heard of such a thing before, but there it is. Frankly there are so many perfect amenities here that I can’t imagine living in some boring old house. The complex really has a great sense of community as well. It’s so perfect I can’t imagine even thinking about moving in the near future.