My Friend Finally Learns the Truth

My friend Merlin and I have known each other for many years. He is one of my best friends. He is like a member of my family. He is a cool person, but sometimes I worry about him. He does not make good decisions in his romantic relationships. He has chosen the wrong women on two occasion. First, he married his first wife at a young age. They tried to stay together, but the marriage failed. He also fell out with his recent girlfriend. He used a kik hacker to find out if his girlfriend Sandra was cheating on him. He learned the ugly truth about his girlfriend.

Merlin and Sandra met in a club five years ago. He was celebrating his successful trucking business. He was the life of the party that night. He was walking through the crowd and he locked eyes on Sandra. He was smitten by her. Merlin fell head over heals with Sandra. They started dating and a couple of years later, they had a son. He was Merlin’s pride and joy. He thought he was on cloud nine with his family, but things were about to turn sour for Merlin.

Recently, Merlin noticed a change in his relationship. He noticed that Sandra was barely at home. He was always raising the baby by himself. She was always gone with her friends. Merlin started to become very suspicious He also hacked into her kik account. Merlin found messages from her to another man. The final straw came when he caught Sandra driving another man’s car with the other man in it. She sped off when she saw Merlin looking at her in the mirror. Merlin immediately dumped Sandra. They are currently separated. I feel bad for Merlin, but he finally learned the truth about his cheating girlfriend Sandra.