My Husband Was Hurt at a Store

My husband was hurt at a lumber store that he frequents on a regular basis since he is a contractor. The owner of the lumber store has been very supportive of my husband and what he has been through, but his insurance company is a different story. Someone operating a forklift was trying to get a large bundle of precut wood off a high shelf. We are not sure what happened, but the forklift tipped over and the stack of wood fell from 12 feet above directly on my husband. We hired a personal injury attorney in Sacramento because we were having such trouble with the insurance company.

The owner of the store was angry with them himself. He and my husband had gotten to know each other very well these last few years, and he was angry that his insurance company wanted him to treat my husband like he was the enemy. He is actually the one who told my husband that we should contact a personal injury lawyer, which just goes to show what kind of person he really is. He told us that he pays insurance premiums so things like this are covered, and it upset him that there was such a runaround about it.

We did not think we would be able to afford a lawyer, mainly because my husband missed a lot of work and even lost a few contracts because of his injuries. We also had a lot of medical bills piling up because of the extent of his injuries. We knew that the insurance company would make good on all of them, but the people wanting paid did not want to hear that. We decided that a personal injury lawyer was the only one who would be able to help us navigate this mess, and the one we hired has done just that.