People Like the Red Bow Tie

For reasons that I can’t explain, the red bow tie has become popular again for formal wear. I was never a big fan of bow ties and always preferred to wear a simple neck tie. As I got older, I began to warm up to bow ties a little more, but I still have a preference for neck ties. The red tie does have a certain look that makes it elegant, even though it is a simple color. It’s bold enough to make the wearer stand out without making them too visually striking, which is exactly what a tie should be doing.

A friend of mine bought me a red tie for my birthday from a clothing store. The tie was made out of a fine silk material that was woven tightly. It was the most expensive tie I had ever seen, and this is taking into account neck ties and bow ties. I was hesitant to wear it, because I didn’t want to get it dirty or get any stains on it while I was eating. I’ve done that a few times with my neck ties and trying to get a stain out of those is no picnic.

When I wore the red tie to an evening party, I got a lot of compliments from other people about how well it looked on me. In all of the years that I’ve been wearing ties, I’ve never really been complimented on them. People have told me how great my suits look, or how the handkerchief that is sitting in my pocket looks, but they never pay any attention to the tie, no matter what I kind of pattern I wear. I think I should probably wear bow ties more often, at least for a while. I don’t want people too used to seeing me in them.