Pooling Our Resources for a Nicer Apartment

When my friend asked me if I wanted to look at apartments that we could share with one another, I thought it was a great idea. I know a lot of people think something like this can kill a friendship, but I had a feeling it would just make ours even tighter. We were already spending a lot of time at each other’s apartments, so there were a lot of benefits of doing this. It also meant that we could look at a nice apartment since we would be pooling our money, and that is how Hartford21 came to be home to us.

We both had heard of the luxury apartments at Hartford 21, but neither of us had been there. Once we knew that this was going to become a reality, we pulled up some information on Hartford 21 on our computers. To say we were left breathless at the photos we saw would definitely be an understatement. If there had been any doubt before, seeing these pictures would have removed every speck of it. The apartments are huge and gorgeous. There are so many windows in the living room and bedrooms, which means the view is simply gorgeous.

While the view is what sold us on this apartment complex, it was so much more than that too. The rest of the apartment is really nice too. We both love to cook, and the kitchen is a cook’s dream come true. There are plenty of granite counter tops, and the cupboards are plentiful. We each have our own bathroom too, which is really nice. It is probably the nicest option we have since we don’t have to get in each other’s way in the mornings. It really was the perfect solution for us, and we are actually saving money every month now.