Purchasing Guitars for Disadvantaged Students

My son just started Kindergarten last month and I quickly became involved in the PTA. At our first meeting, we discussed fundraisers and different ways to raise money. One parent spoke up and suggested we raise money to purchase different types of instruments for students that come from families that may not be able to afford it. I thought this was a wonderful idea and spoke to volunteer to research pricing for these instruments. I was unanimously appointed the chairman of this newly formed committee. I knew without a doubt that Guitar Junky was a website that I would be going to find information on the best suited stringed instruments for beginners. I was excited and this would be a fun project to work on.

I went to their website and found different buying guides for different types of guitars. They had guides on acoustic and electric guitars. These guides were very easy to understand and compare different guitars in specific categories. I was impressed with the reviews that were given on the top-rated guitars and found them to be very informative. Some of the best guitars were 3/4 size which is better suited for young children learning to play. Also, some of them come with beginner kits which includes everything a person would need to start playing guitar.

This was a good bit of information and I took a lot of meticulous notes on the differences of the top-rated guitars. I even consulted with our local music to see if they thought my research was thorough enough. I’m proud to say that they were impressed and said I covered all bases and they could not think of anything that should be added. I just wanted to make sure I was fully prepared to present my finding to the PTA at our meeting next week.