Rugs That Are Too Good to Pass Up

I wanted to decorate my bedroom in a new way, but I really had no idea what to do. I decided after some careful thought to paint the walls beige, and then I changed some of my furniture. I kept my bed and dresser, but I got a new makeup table. I also added some paintings that I had done within the lat couple of years. The only thing that needed done after this was something with the floor. I couldn’t afford to carpet it, so I decided to look at rugs for sale instead.

I thought that rugs would look nice anyway because it would be a shame to cover up the wood floors with wall to wall carpeting. They still looked really nice, but that didn’t mean that I was not ready for some kind of change. I decided to go online and look at some rugs because I figured I would get the best deal this way. I did an online search for cheap quality rugs, and that is how I found the store where I ended up buying not one but three rugs from because of how nice they are.

With the beige walls in my room, I needed to have a splash of color other than from the paintings on the wall. I figured the rugs in there would be the perfect way to achieve that. I was able to buy two rugs that are burnt orange and shaggy for my bedroom, and I also decided to get one for my living room since the prices are so good. For that, I went with a modern gold rug, and it looks so nice. I have received a lot of compliments on it, and some of my friends have even purchased some rugs from the same online store. They are like me when it comes to good bargains. They are just too hard to pass up!