Sending Talented Children to Graphic Design School

Our son began drawing as soon as he could hold a crayon. We noticed early on that he had a natural ability. He was just a child and was drawing things in perspective. He had things such as roadways disappearing into the horizon. He even seemed to naturally understand foreshortening perspective in drawing. Imagine sitting on the floor next to someone with his shoe on a footrest close to your face. The shoe would look big in your eyes, but his head, off in the distance, would appear small. We sent him to a graphic design school in Singapore because he had such natural ability. I have never seen a child understand how foreshortening works in perspective until taught.

I remember a drawing he did with crayons when he was five. It was of a fence and sidewalk. The sidewalk went up over a hill to the horizon. So did the fence. In his picture the posts of the fence got progressively smaller and closer together on the paper, and the sidewalk narrowed as it went into the picture. What kid at five understands this level of perspective? It was absolutely necessary to make sure he got the best training possible in order to turn his natural ability into a career.

A lot of people can draw, but only the professionals are making a living at it. You need to learn a whole lot more than just perspective. This is especially true if you want to pursue ultra-realism in your graphic designing. I saw an artist who would draw using pencils to make images that looked like black and white photographs. They are so detailed an precise that it is jaw-dropping to see them and be told they are not photographs but drawings. This type of talent can be turned into a career if you do it the right way by going to a good graphic design school.