Sometimes You Have to Think Outside of the Box

You can’t be good every single thing that you try. There are some games that I excel off, and there are some that I’m just not really good at. But most people are good at those things that I’m not good at. Kind of funny how that works. So, my buddy is really good at one particular game. I keep up with him I got a Forge of Empires hack so that he wouldn’t know that I am not as good as earning all the same things that he does. He has no idea, and it is great. The reason for this is because he will poke and prod you for ages and not let up when he thinks he is better than you.

Normally I don’t pay attention to what most people think. But I’ve been friends with this guy since childhood. We’re in our twenties now, and I know he’s not going to change. He gets kind of haughty attitude when he thinks that he’s doing something better than you. I tried to talk to you about it before, but he denies everything. Then, after denying everything, he keeps up the prodding and making fun of you. If it were anyone else, I would walk away in and the friendship. But we’ve known each other too long for me to do that to him.

I have learned that sometimes it is best to keep the peace. My friend is a great person in so many ways. However, he’s pretty competitive when it comes to me. I noticed you not really like that with other people, though. I have often thought of because he feels a little bit inferior to me. It would never admit that to me, but it seems sort of obvious. So because I don’t want to listen to him go on and on, I got the hack and it worked perfectly to help me keep up.