The Food and Outdoor Life Helped Me to Make My Choice

It was easy enough for me to figure out all of the places that I wanted to apply to for medical school. After all, there are only so many major medical schools in the country that are well known. I wanted to be at one of the well known schools that would help me to get a job anywhere I chose to apply. But after school, it took me awhile to realize which city I wanted to settle in to serve the medical community. In the end, I began looking at apartments for rent in Raleigh NC because that area is known as the Research Triangle. I wanted to be part of a thriving medical community that is making great strides in that arena.

I knew some about the area because I had taken a vacation there once. I had spent a weekend there with an ex-girlfriend. The food was out of this world. I really liked some that they really stress outdoor life there, and that is good for someone like me who is very interested in my health because of my occupation Mountain climbing is big there, as is kayaking, whitewater rafting and hiking. I am really big on kayaking and hiking. And I knew that living there would mean that, one day, I could find a future wife who is interested in the same things that I am when it comes to staying fit. I found a luxury apartment pretty quickly. I got a job with one of the major hospitals in the area, and the beginning salary would help me to live a nice life without much struggle at all. The hospital is a research hospital, so that meant that the pay would be higher than it would be at many other types of hospitals. So, I made sure to rent a place that would keep me happy when I came home each night.