The Little Things You Can’t Forget when Relocating

It is exciting to move into apartments in Colton CA, but don’t let the excitement cause you to forget those important tasks you must complete to ensure a successful move. Relocating is a big job, and one that is oftentimes tirind, tedious, and sometimes overwhelming. But, ensuring things are done the right way the first time minimizes the hassle you’ll experience when moving into a new Colton apartment.


How long can you really go without internet and cable? Three, maybe four hours? If you pre-arrange services, this is about the length of time you’ll wait, but if you move without making the call, you could be waiting for days to get new service established. Be sure to also phone the telephone company if you use a landline telephone.

Change of Address

Notify the post office that you are moving. Change-of-address forms are available at the local post office. You can also find forms to complete online. Complete the change-of-address form as soon as you know the new address.


If you are a parent, don’t forget to notify the kid’s school of the address change if they’ll be attending the same institution. Also provide the school with an updated telephone number if this has changed.

Utlity Hookup

Most people don’t forget they need the utilities hooked up, but make sure that you aren’t one of the first on such a list. It is so easy to forget these things when there is so much on the plate to handle.

Final Thoughts

A smooth move to your new Colton apartment is simple when you keep the information above in mind. It is the little things that matter, but are so often forgotten. Ensure the opposite is true during your move, and add these small, but important, tasks to your to-do list.