The Scariest Game Show on Earth

The past four years have been very hard for me. It has been very hard for me to find stable employment. The recession wiped out some of my job perspectives. I graduated from college before the recession. I had a brief temp job with prestigious financial firm. The company could no longer afford to keep my department. My fellow employees and I were laid off from the company. It really hurt when I lost my job. It has been hard. One day I saw an ad for a website. It told me to click and see by yourself. I did not get it at first, but it made since when I clicked the button.

The website was for a new game show called Horror Mansion. I had to enter my contact info to get on the show. Upon my initial experience, I thought it was a scam. I did some research on the internet. Multiple sources confirmed that the show was legit. I dove in head first to be on the show. I was hesitant, but I also desperate. I needed money.

On the big day, the host of the show told us what to expect. He wanted four contestants to go through the thirteen floors of the mansion. We had to make it to the attic and find the bag of money. To win, we had to return with the money. I was ready.

When the host told us to go, I took off like lightning. I was fast. One contestant got lost on the third flood. The second contestant was grabbed by fake ghosts. He was eliminated. It was just me and a female contestant. We both made it to the attic. We searched frantically for the money. We were throwing boxes left and right. I found the money under the rug. I picked up the bag and ran for dear life. The female started to chase me. She was no match. I made it to the finish line. The money was all mine.