Thinking of Moving to Sydney

Actually this is a town or city which is called Wollongong, which is right on the Pacific Ocean just to the South of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. The people who are wanting me to move there tell me that the government is trying to encourage emigration to the country, you can apply Australia PR for emigration and they will try to let me move. Of course I am going to try to see which way it is best for me. What I can see is that this is a really nice place to live, especially when you compare it to living in the Midwest where I am living right now. There is not a sandy beach for a very long way around here and you can be sure that the girls in the bikinis are about to disappear for the next eight months really soon around this part of the world. It does not seem like there is a huge difference between summer and winter in this part of the world and the beaches seem to be pretty full all year round as I see it.

At least that is how it is from the little bit of research that I have done. The thing I am trying to do is to try to figure out the cost of living over there, That is something which I did not think about when I moved up here from North Carolina. They offered me a better salary than I was getting at the time, but when I got up to this part of the country I found out that every thing that you need to live cost you a lot more. It cost me a lot more to get a place to live and put food on the table, so that I was probably worse off.