This Feels Like Home to Both of Us

I was really desperate to get out of my mom’s house. I love her dearly, but she wanted to micromanage my life. I figured that I would work a couple of years and get rid of some of my college debt first, but I knew that I had to start looking at apartments in Oceanside if I wanted us to have a good relationship going forward. I was not about to handle this the wrong way though, because I did not want to fall further behind. Living on my own was going to be hard, but I knew that I could swing it if I had a roommate.

I asked my cousin as well as two of my best friends if any of them were interested, and my cousin is the one who ended up telling me that we should just do it. Her mom and my mom are sisters, and she was having similar problems at home. She told me when I talked about the apartment that we could get, it made her realize that it was exactly what she needed to. The surprising thing is that both of our mothers supported us since we were doing it together rather than alone.

We were able to find a two bedroom apartment in Oceanside. It is at the Capella at Rancho Del Oro complex, and it is really nice. We each have our own bedroom with a large walk in closet, which is a must for us. We also have our own bathroom, which is amazing too. Off the kitchen is a large laundry room, and there is also a patio with a huge storage closet at one end. I know that we will end up parting ways one way when we both marry, but I hope that is not for a long time to come. This feels like home to both of us!