What Happens when an Amateur Tries to Cut Down a Big Tree?

I try to advise folks that want to try and tackle cutting down a tree on their property to just leave it to the professionals. Trees are heavy, and there is a safe way to bring them down. My dad always told me that there is a right way and a wrong way to do anything, and that some people insist on trying the wrong way first. My neighbor decided he could just fell a big tree in his yard and cut it up. After it fell the wrong way into other trees, he called a Queens tree removal company to come out.

They not only had to stabilize and cut down the tree he wanted down, they had to cut down the tree it fell into. It hit with such force that it cracked the main trunk of the second tree vertically almost to the top of the tree. It split right down the middle. I was watching him cut the one tree down. When it shifted and went toward him instead of away from him as he expected it to, I never saw him move that fast since I have known him. The other tree made an awful sound when it split right up the middle. I did not go over and do that “I told you so” routine. I just gave him the number of the Queens tree removal place that I knew about.

I am just glad that the tree did not hit his house or him. There have been people killed trying to cut down trees. We can be convinced we know how to do it only to be very surprised when we give it a try. Some things should be left to professionals who have the right tools and the experience. I think cutting trees down is one of those things.