Working on My Computer Science Paper

I have been focusing on my ability to work in mobile devices and the operating systems that they use. Right now I am trying to lock down a project idea that is going to be something that might be able to turn a profit. I got this one idea after seeing this guy use these My Cafe cheats. Of course these sorts of things seem to be all over the web, but I personally do not see the point to them. It seems to me that this takes all of the fun out of playing a game. They are not going to like it at the game developer however, which is the big idea that I have. Obviously when you have a game that is played on the web by people who never meet one another, there is going to be a lot of trouble enforcing the rules. It is of great importance that you keep a level playing field, otherwise it undermines the public faith that you really need.

So my idea is to figure out how to counter these people who design ways to cheat on these games. Obviously when you catch a person using a cheat, they have to be kicked out and their account has to be banned. The problem is going to be trying to figure out who is naughty and who is nice. You can not be wrong when you do this and even if you are right, the people who cheat are going to tell you that you have done them wrong. So it is problematic no matter what you do or how careful you are about it. The balance has to be struck, because you need to have users and the users need to believe that you are maintaining law and order.